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  • New features for rain systems and gardening applications
  • New graphical representation of the range for sprinklers, spray and popup 
  • New graphical representation of circular sectors according to their position with respect to the borders of the terrain. Variable angle coverage and editable in realtime
  • Graphical management of quantities such as maximum coverage angle, variable angle and static and dynamic functioning for sprinkler/spray/popup
  • Graphic representation of pluviometric (rainfall) map
  • Circles coverage continuity in proximity of adjacent sectors
  • Variable range according to the pressure
  • Outgoing flow rate based on the angle of coverage (for static equipment)
  • Management of the pipes position Z with respect to the ground to indicate the depth (underground) or height (air path). Z altitude management of the emitters (sub-irrigation or placed at a certain height on the ground)
  • Consideration of the Z value in the calculation and hydraulic results
  • Introduction of two new options: square/rectangular distribution and triangular arrangement (Quincunx)
  • Improved CAD file importation (DXF format) even containing complex elements such as arcs, circles, ellipses, text fields, spline, xline, lwpolyline
  • Improved CAD file exportation of circular sectors associated with sprinkler/spry/popup
  • Possibility to select, copy, paste one or more sectors in an easier and faster way 
  • Improvements and corrections for design with s = 0 (distance between the network and the terrain boarder)
  • Optimizing and improving performance of various functionalities (selecting, drawing, zooming, panning, objects measures)
  • New color pipes legend according to the diameter (up to DN 710 mm (28"))
  • Possibility to customize the colors of the pipes (editable by the user)
  • Updated  databases for new pipes up to 710 mm (28”)
  • Modification of DB Query window interface for better search of sprinkler products and popups
  • Introduction of the VYRSA catalogue in database
  • Interface correction for Spanish language


IRRIPRO V.3.7.2 

  • Improved elements managing (fittings, valves, filters and others)
  • Improved detection fittings and connections
  • Changing color symbol when the element is assigned from database
  • New digital signature software
  • Insert command altitudes recalculation
  • Fixed symmetric networks drawing in the case of s=0
  • Database update from Plast Project and RAIN catalog
  • Fixing of minor bugs


  • New Russian language
  • New feature of extension (for whole sector / network) for fittings and other type of elements
  • New feature of extension (for whole sector / network) for pipes and emitters
  • Improved element management, choice of fittings and connections
  • Improved bill of material elaboration (with new description column)
  • New database fro Plastic Puglia catalog 
  • Database update from Plast Project catalog 
  • Fixing of minor bugs


The solution for any need

IrriPro softwareIrriPro is available with FREEWARE license for small systems and with basic features, with fully featured for limited time or with never ending LIFETIME licenses.


IrriPro has a CAD-style user friendly interface, designed to be used by engineers, agronomists and other technicians. They have all the analisys tool needed to estimate the consequences of any design choice and to represent the trend of any physical parameter.


The DB is not a list of passive elements, but a way to make the most of the software using existing material on the market.


The irrigation software IrriPro is the only tool that optimizes the use of water and improves the distribution uniformity, increasing the system efficiency and ensuring the correct distribution of water and fertilizers. Moreover IrriPro reduces the system realization costs, improving quantity and quality of agricultural production.