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The Irriworks team is available from Monday to Friday to provide assistance and support on IrriPro software. Excluded are (Summer) vacation, holidays and other periods of limited availability that the enterprise will communicate through newsletters or other communication tools. For assistance it means to lead the user in the use of the program, in the knowledge of the features or in solving any difficulties that the user may encounter in the use or installation of IrriPro. The support doesn't include technical choices in projects in progress, much less the development of projects as to be considered as a consultancy service (the client can request a separate quotation).

The support session must be booked in general via e-mail and at least one day before so that, before the course of the same, the operator can check his availability and / or ask for further information. The operator will then propose the date and time when the support session can be carried out. In some cases it may be necessary to involve the computer technician for more specific problems. It is to be excluded that assistance can be provided immediately after the request unless special cases and conditions.

Each new user it gives the possibility to try, and without any commitment, the FREEWARE version (for a continuous but very limited use), a TRAINING license (for a more advanced use and for a limited time) and to request at least one demonstration session for showing how IrriPro works on a specific computer. This is to give the user the opportunity to try IrriPro before making the purchase and check that the software is suitable for your needs.