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  • Multi-sector: now it’s possible to put more sectors and add others in editor directly
  • Possibility of verification/analysis for existing network made of more sector than one
  • New feature “Add sector”: now it's possible to add new sector both by wizard and from editor directly
  • New bill of materials, new 3D graph e new results for multi-sector
  • 3 types of calculation: based on fixed discharge, on fixed pressure or calculated automatically
  • Valve managing: to use for close or open a group of sectors
  • Optimizing of viewing/zooming and panning( more than 400%)
  • Reducing the time of drawing and calculating of network (up to 3 times faster than previous version, now it's possible to draw a network of 100.000 emitters in less than 2 minutes)
  • New algorithm of drawing for classic and symmetric network (in known and generic shapes)
  • The Google Maps survey can work on area of about 600 Ha (before it was 144 Ha)
  • New features of moving/ drag: now it’s possible to move selected elements by any points of editor (without the need to click on the elements exactly)
  • Developing of some minor features
  • Some bugs fixed.


  • New licensing manager: On-Demand service
  • Renewed graphic infrastructure
  • Renewed 3D feature
  • New reporting feature (bill of materials)
  • Database of materials more than redoubled
  • New available languages: spanish, portuguese and catalan
  • Generic shape also for symmetric networks
  • Some bugs fixed.


  • Introduced Google Earth survey
  • Introduced new features to handle image maps
  • Possibility of using more editor to elaborate and confront more designs
  • Possibility of carrying out projects drawing freely on the workspace
  • Introduced new functionality to import DXF files
  • Possibility of introduce terrain elevations and slopes by drawing contour lines and known elevation point directly on the workspace
  • Introduced new feature to draw general form areas
  • Introduced new feature to handle multiple layers (network, 3D terrain models, image maps)
  • Introduced new feature to export DXF files
  • Introduced new feature to calculate distances
  • Introduced new feature to calculate angles
  • Introduced new feature to calculate areas
  • Improved functionality of database usage
  • Increased the number of items in the database (pipelines and outlets)
  • Improved functionality of panning the view
  • Improved functionality to rotate the elements
  • Improved functionality to drag / move items
  • Improved features to cut / paste items
  • Improved menu functions available on the workspace
  • Ability to view the properties of the elements in the workspace
  • Improved functionality saving project file


  • New feature of 3D chart (piezometric sky)
  • Many corrections and integrations in report of results
  • Integrations in summary on last window of wizard
  • Fix bug about ruler with zoom smaller than 10% and in "results view"
  • Fix bug about wrong zoom of thematic map after interrupting a simulation for negative pressures
  • Fix bug about 2D chart window where scrolling bar covers the numeric table
  • Fix bug about agreement between image and label in analisys wizard for the shape rectangular trapezium
  • Fix bug about black screen always in first layer than other softwares
  • Fix bug about  control in analisys wizard in the case of using the table for variable lengths of laterals


  • Fixed other minor bugs

Direct print by working area (management of layers / transparency)Exporting of workspace as imagePipe Connection so as to be upstream and downstreamNew drawing of symmetric sector with submain/laterals direction and position as editableDeep optimization of drawing / designing for big networks (5 Million emitters)Performance Calculation improvementNew adaptive algorithm for the hydraulic calculation in order to increase of 90% the chance to converge to a certain resultReal-time changes of rows spacing, emitter spacing, rectangular/triangular arrangement and discretizationNew thematic map with increasing colorUpdate of Service and Google Maps consoleAdding the values of elevation in the exported CAD filesAdded / updated Hunter, Rainbird and K-Rain catalogs Improved the performance of area, length and angle measurement on the working area

The solution for any need

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IrriPro has a CAD-style user friendly interface, designed to be used by engineers, agronomists and other technicians. They have all the analisys tool needed to estimate the consequences of any design choice and to represent the trend of any physical parameter.


The DB is not a list of passive elements, but a way to make the most of the software using existing material on the market.


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