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IRRIPRO V.3.9.11   

  • Critical update for Google Maps console (previous versions will no longer be supported)
  • DXF file importing with automatic terrain/sector border recognition (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Improved the visibility of elevation values of contour lines 
  • Optimizing operations of copy / cut / paste (+ 70% speed) and zooming (+ 20%)
  • Fixing of label and sector table layers
  • Fixing of calcolulation elevations and slopes
  • Fixing further bugs

IRRIPRO V.3.9.10 

  • Importing of Kml and Kmz format files
  • Importing graphic elements and colors included in the Kml / Kmz files and then shown in the working area
  • Import of the survey and of the satellite image contextual to the Kml / Kmz files 
  • Possibility to choose the contour interval value before the survey
  • New vector symbols of graphic elements (for a quality representation at any zoom)
  • Possibility to change the size of the symbols of the elements from preferences
  • New CAD exporting with new symbols and colors
  • Possibility to modify the Z value for the source and fro each single node / element
  • New working area legend now also editable in position
  • New information table by sector with #.sector, area, emitter model, #.side, lateral length, flow / pressure of the sector, row and emitter spacing, shift
  • New zooming function through mouse wheel
  • New exporting to PDF (in automatic scale) in vector format and with legend 
  • Ability to define the type of elements to export to the PDF in the layers manager
  • Improved performance of importing and management of imported CAD files
  • Improved label management
  • New command to open / close all valves
  • Update of product database (more than 6000 items)
  • Integration of the JRE to improve software compatibility
  • Fixing area calculation and rainfall intensity
  • Fixing calculation number di sectors by division areas funtion
  • Fixing division areas for concave shapes
  • Fixing connection from proxy
  • Fixing minor bugs

IRRIPRO V.3.9.5  

  • "Divide area" function to divide an existing area into equal parts by defining one or two directions
  • "Calculate sector number" function that allows to calculate, based on the available flow rate at the source, the surface, the type and distribution of the regulators, etc. the number of sectors in which to divide a surface. Other parameters (including plant requirements) allow to determine the number and duration of the shifts
  • Different color assignment for each sprinkler model
  • Text editor to insert / edit text by color, orientation, font, size
  • Color indication of the pipelines under pressure (water path) once the hydraulic calculation has been performed
  • Automatic label insertion for number of valves and sectors
  • Import and export (from / to DXF) of the text
  • Created a new layer dedicated to text and labels: it will be possible to hide or make more transparent the elements of the layer
  • Possibility to define the models of the perimeter emitters, even in the case of several adjacent sectors
  • Assignment/selection (by clicking inside the influence area) of the sector(s) without re-drawing the borders
  • Area calculation in context-menu by right-clicking inside the sector
  • New preferences window (to change transparency of the circles of the sprinkler/popup coverage, to activate/deactivate the continuity of the sprinkler/popup circles on the borders of the ground in adjacent sectors, to manage the size of the emitters and of the source)
  • Automatic filling of the laterals angle directly on the angle text box of the wizard once measured on the work area
  • Automatic filling of the angles of division once measured on the work area while using the division tool
  • Recognition of the colorsof theimported DXF file
  • Created two new layers on the exported dxf: Layer.1 main and secondary pipelines; Layer.2 submain + laterals
  • Created new layer dedicated to sprinkler circles (separate layer also on the exported dxf)
  • Database update (Naan Dan Jain)
  • Bug fixing


  • Enhanced survey through Google Maps: faster and more accurate 
  • New contour lines processing with fixed interdistance of 2 m 
  • New interpolation algorithm for an accuracy near scale 1:2000
  • Possibility to configure the proxy for the Internet connection
  • New settings window 
  • Possibility to enter manually the elements into the database
  • New types of database for pumps, accessories and control units
  • Geographic coordinates for the working area
  • Optimizing 3D Graphics
  • New updated catalogs: Vyrsa, Toro AG, Palaplast, InstalPlast, Naandanjain
  • New control to avoid indexing issues
  • Major fixing: Delta Z management and pressure adapters, calculating of the elements quotes
  • Bug fixing

IRRIPRO V.3.8.5  

  • Direct print by working area (management of layers / transparency)
  • Exporting the workspace as image
  • Upstream and Downstream Pipe Connection
  • New drawing of symmetric sector with editable submain/laterals direction and position
  • Deep optimization for drawing and designing big networks (up to 5 Million emitters)
  • Performance calculation improvement
  • New adaptive algorithmfor the hydraulic calculation in order to increase of 90% the chance to converge to a certain result
  • Real-time changes of rows spacing, emitter spacing, rectangular/triangular arrangement and discretization
  • New thematic map with increasing color
  • Update of service and console of Google Maps
  • Added the values of elevation in the exported CAD files
  • Added / updated Hunter, Rainbird and K-Rain catalogs 
  • New IrriPro version for MAC Os
  • Possibility to change the language manually (or let the system select it automatically)
  • Insertion of pressure adapters in the lateral pipes
  • Fixing of smudges in thematic map
  • Improved the performance of area, length and angle measurement on the working area
  • New Ukrainian language and improved Russian language translation
  • Fixing of minor bugs


The solution for any need

IrriPro softwareIrriPro is available with FREEWARE license for small systems and with basic features, with fully featured for limited time or with never ending LIFETIME licenses.


IrriPro has a CAD-style user friendly interface, designed to be used by engineers, agronomists and other technicians. They have all the analisys tool needed to estimate the consequences of any design choice and to represent the trend of any physical parameter.


The DB is not a list of passive elements, but a way to make the most of the software using existing material on the market.


The irrigation software IrriPro is the only tool that optimizes the use of water and improves the distribution uniformity, increasing the system efficiency and ensuring the correct distribution of water and fertilizers. Moreover IrriPro reduces the system realization costs, improving quantity and quality of agricultural production.