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Designing A Drip / Trickle Irrigation System By Using Irripro Software published on IJR

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  • 06 Dec

A new study published on IJR (International Journal of Research) named "DESIGNING A DRIP OR TRICKLE IRRIGATION SYSTEM BY USING IRRIPRO SOFTWARE".
Special thanks to Engr. Imran Arshad, one of the authors of the study.




The research work study the agro-ecological conditions in a farm of Gharo Sindh,in Pakistan, where was thus designed to check the effectivity of the trickle irrigation system for Chickoo (Sapodilla) orchards.
The objective is to evaluate the performance of the proposed trickle irrigation system by using IrriPro software.
The results of this research have been published in the International Journal of Research (IF 3.541).

In short in the abstract:
"[...] By using the existing conditions of the farm a proposed trickle / drip irrigation system was manually designed and counter checked by IrriPro software to analyze the reliability, efficiency, dependability and harmony of the proposed drip irrigation system and the software accordingly. 

The comparative study revealed that the proposed drip irrigation achieved high uniformity coefficients (WU) and (Keller e Karmeli) i.e. 99.971% and 99.835% respectively. The average simulated emitter flowrate and pressure for the proposed irrigation system was found to be 5.283 gph and 14.174 psi respectively. The simulated results describes that the proposed irrigation system was designed on the basis of proper scaling and dimensions. Thus, the design of the proposed drip irrigation network was found to be acceptable.

[...] the water is slightly saline.
Need of Modern Technology [...] The orchard design needs some improvement in order to give a good profit to the farmer and for this advance technology say drip / trickle irrigation system is required.

The system consists of 1 mainline having length 203ft and 1 submain line having length 660ft. 34 laterals (68 branches) having 6 emitters per branch is used. The diameter of the mainline, submain line and laterals are 4 inch, 15/8 inch and ¾ inch respectively. 408 pressure compensating emitters i.e. single emitter per plant with a discharge capacity of 20 lph is used in this proposed design. The row to row and plant to plant distance of the orchards was 20 x 20 ft each. There are 408 Chickoo trees, and on each trees a single pressure compensating 20 lph emitter is required. The source discharge and pressure of the system were 36 gpm and 14.18 psi, respectively.

[...] IrriPro irrigation system planning software is designed to help the user to define the parameters of an irrigation system. The user will be able to run the program with any suitable parameters, review the output, and change input data in order to match it to the appropriate irrigation system setup.

Conclusions of the study

IrriPro, by its characteristics, represents a reliable tool in designing a drip irrigation system for water resources engineers. It can help the user to use it in testing and analyzing any alternative design hydraulically and economically. As IrriPro is providing the ideal results for the existing drip irrigation system it will be more as compared to the field results.
This research study suggests that water resource engineer should to be proficient and well cognizant with drip irrigation design technology and IrriPro Software.
Due to multiple advantages of IrriPro software, it must be introduced in universities and research centres for a better understanding by students of the problems regarding drip irrigation.

For more details about research study you can see this link (with full paper).

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