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New feature to quickly move the source to any point of the workspace, simply pointing with the mouseRewritten and improved the functionality of the "design console" with which you can now perform operations of moving nodes or network parts, or drawing of pipelines by entering Cartesian or polar coordinates

Full control of all the parameters to use for an emitter: nominal pressure, pressure-compenseted options, CVT, head losses. A new feature allows to put emitters and pipes with any characteristics directly in the workspace.
Possibility to enter multiple emitters at the same point of delivery. This feature gives also the chance to discretize more emitters with a single supply point, and then to study a faster system for groups of emitters

Introduced  American (US) and Anglo-Saxon (imperial) system of measurement in addition to the international SI system already existingNew structure of the saved files to hold more information and be more compressed (WARNING: new format .iwsx does not include compatibility with the previous format .iws)

New IrriPro version for MAC systems 
(still in test phase)

Added the French language


  • improved speed of hydraulic calculation and design of the network
  • Rewritten the code of much of the program in order to improve execution efficiency, compatibility with multiple operating systems (new DB structure)
  • creation of a new smaller installation file (145 MB)
  • faster opening program
  • improved the functionality of snap to the grid or to network elements 
  • improved execution speed of many features in the working area (particularly moving / rotation / insert / design elements) 
  • improved automatic design of the network that is able to cover more completely the terrain by better filling the sectors for both classical and symmetrical shape
  • opening / closing valve directly from the contextual menu
  • ability to copy / cut and paste the terrain (sector boundaries)
  • ability to copy / cut and paste whole sectors (terrain + network), or parts of them. To draw a network made of different equal sectors, just create one and replicate it as many times as you want. The new sectors created will be connected in a second time
  • ability to copy / cut network elements and the terrain in an editor and paste them into another
  • added legend for symbols and color of the pipes


  • fixed major problem with Google Maps for high-resolution screens
  • fixed several bugs to improve stability.
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