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New auto-update feature: now you will no longer have to download and install the new version to update the application. The update will cover both the application and the database so you always have the latest version on your PC.

New calculation of speed in the pipes: new 2D and 3D graphics and new valuation criteria in the result window. Now it will be possible to evaluate any risk of sedimentation or excessive speed in the pipe.

New procedure of discretization to design large systems more quickly while maintaining the same quality of results. Thanks to the discretization is possible to design systems with over 1,000,000 emitters.New feature that allows you to merge one or more sectors to form a single sector. Already exists functionality to create two sectors starting from an existing one.

For a complete list of advances and bug fixing go to History


After testing phase the new version is available for 64-bit MAC system (on demand also in 32-bit). Compatible with MAC OS, MAC OS X and OS X. At first installation it is required to install the Java SE Runtime for running IrriPro. Install Java SE version 7 or higher

The new version 3.5.6 64 bit allows to obtain higher performances (about 10% or higher) for medium-large installations. The memory usage is more performing than 32-bit version. Can only be used for Windows 64 bit system

Improved feature for CAD files (DXF) importing. Previously it was possible to import only the contour lines to process the 3D model of the terrain. Now all the elements are imported and showen on the editor in a new dedicated layerMore advanced graphics engine to draw automatically the network within a sector of irregular shape: concave, convex, with more edges, saw teeth and however complex shapes are no longer a problem

For a complete list of advances and bug fixing go to History

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IrriPro softwareIrriPro is available with FREEWARE license for small systems and with basic features, with fully featured for limited time or with never ending LIFETIME licenses.