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Improved new elements managing and insertion (such as fittings, valves, filters and other) with an updated main window and an other relative to the connections that shows the pictures, helps the identification of additional fittings and the compatibility of the junctions.

Once you assigned a new item using the element management window the symbol will change its color from red to yellow. Useful function to find all the unassigned items (still in the generic condition).

Adding the new Russian language to the ones already available for IrriPro. Text, commands and interface are shown in Cyrillic letters for foreign users.

New functionality which allows to extend the choice performed for an element to all elements of the same type for the whole sector or the entire plant. This possibility is available for fittings, pipes, emitters and any other type of item.

New formula to calculate the head losses due to any element included in the network. Valves, fittings and any junction will be evaluated more accurately by a hydraulic point of view.
The pressure drop due to the filters can be managed and modificed in the "element management" window in oder to consider the effect for the system.

New management and hydraulic calculation of pumps which can be inserted more times and in any point of the network. Through the "element management" window you can specify the value of the pressure head.

New management and calculation of hydraulic pressure reducers. Through the element of "management" window you can enter the value of the pressure limit .

New procedures for the entry of the emitters.
In addition to entering through the database or characterizing the emitter using the K and x parameters (characteristic curve), you can now define it simply by the value of the nominal flow rate and nominal pressure.
These data are always available in the catalog of any manufacturer.

Efficiency calculation and the wasted volume (in the results report). Now it will be possible to know the design choice that involves the maximum energy savings and less waste of water.

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