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Deep optimization of the design process and hydraulic calculation which now allow you to draw and design big networks (also over 5 million of emitters). The improvements on the calculation performances make faster the achieve the result. Moreover, the new adaptive algorithm allows to increase by 90%, compared to the past, the possibility of convergence to a certain hydraulic result in the case of automatic calculation.

From the 3.8.5 version are available, in IrriPro database, the new catalogs of Hunter, Rainbird and K-Rain. Please note that the freeware version has a very limited database, and these catalogs are present only in versions under license.

Improved the inclusion of sprinklers and popups for a more advanced and easy management of sprinklers and gardening. Now you can place the units in sequence being able to appreciate the wet circle and the coverage angle before securing the position. The program will show the range and calculate the correct angle of coverage as a function of position with respect to the edge of the terrain. The flow rate (for static popups) will be a function of the coverage angle.

You can also manually change, for single or groups of devices, the range, the coverage angle and the angle offset (rotating the circular sector in the desired configuration). Once you choose from database the item to be used, the software will take into account, for the hydraulic calculation and rainfall coverage, if the unit is with fixed or variable angle, whether static or dynamic.

A new coloration of thematic map distinguishes the areas with too high pressure/flow rate, compared to other with too low pressure/flow rate. New colors indicate areas with high uniformity respect to areas with acceptable uniformity and those where uniformity is not acceptable.

You can now specify the elevation of each network element. Now the user can specify the depth of the pipeline relative to the surface of the land or the height of the sprinkler. For example in a greenhouse you can indicate the aerial pipelines and the heights of the foggers, in an open field system with sprinkler irrigation the height of the columns of the sprinklers. Z value (negative or positive if above or below ground) will be taken into account in the hydraulic calculation.

The sprinkler range is a function of pressure. In thematic map, in addition to the color, it will be shown the coverage (or the circular sector) actually reached by the device. In the figure the comparison between an area of the plant subjected to 4 bar (left) and another at 7 bar (right). In this way, it will be evident also the overlap area wet and intensity of rainfall (darker colors).The new rainfall map indicates with increasingly dark colors the areas with greater intensity of rain compared to those with less intensity. Also this representation will show the range calculated in function of the pressure.
The new print feature allows you to print directly from the work area. You can print the entire contents or selected layer: this operation is also available in the result view where the user can change the transparency or the type of result. We recommend the use of PDF Creator to export the contents of the work directly to a PDF file.Improved CAD file import process. Now many more elements of the DXF file will be imported to a dedicated layer of IrriPro, including text, circles, polylines, and many other things. This procedure also allows you to create 3D terrain model taking into account the elevation points and the contour lines included in the imported DXF file. In the case where the import was not carried out in a complete manner, use the CAD command "EXPLODE" to explode the more complex elements (such as blocks).
You can now choose the new triangular arrangement (QUINCUNX) in place of the rectangular. In addition to defining the number of laterals per crop row (eg. double lateral, triple lateral, etc.) the arrangement can be triangular starting from the even side or from the odd side.All types of pipes that possess a relative direction(that is the direction of water flow along the pipe), can be reconnected even in the opposite direction. The software will automatically change the direction making it compatible with the new connection. If, for example, a submain is moved from downstream to upstream, you will now reconnect all the side with the submain in the new position.
IrriPro, in addition to changing the angle of the coverage based on the boundaries of the terrain, allows, in the case of neighboring or near edges, to maintain the continuity of coverage. As the figure shows, circles of the sprinklers of the two adjacent sectors are drawn with a full angle of 360 ° unlike the others, in the rest of sector, which are limited to the lower corners.New options now allow, in the case of symmetrical patterns, to indicate not only the direction of the laterals but also the position and direction of the submain. It will then be possible to define the point from which the submain must pass (the software automatically selects the centroid) and the relative direction (automatic choice is the direction perpendicular to that of the laterals).
A new legend of colors now allows to distinguish the diameter of the pipelines from the value of 16 mm (3/8 ") to that of 710 mm (28"). The colors and ranges of the diameters can be modified by the user.Through a dedicated console now you can change the language in one of those available, as well as allow the software to choose it automatically, basing on the operating system language. Also improved the translation of Spanish and Russian, and introduced the Ukrainian language.

For a complete list of advances and bug fixing go to History

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