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Below is an overview with advances and new features version by version:


Added about 6000 products from the Rivulis catalog. Currently IrriPro contains in its database more than 30,000 items including pipes, dispensers, sprinklers, pop-ups, fittings, valves, accessories, special parts and many other types of products of the most popular brands.

By clicking on the middle mouse button it is possible to use the PAN function without the need to invoke the command from the palette on the side.

New pipe sizing function. In a dedicated window it is possible, according to the current hydraulic conditions calculated by the hydraulic simulation, to obtain automatically the values of the diameters for each category of pipes or for selected edge. Starting from the calculated values you can then choose the model and the brand of pipe by a query on the database. This feature is also able to make a telescopic pipe with the possibility of set up to 5 different diameters. 

Thanks to a sophisticated pre-sizing algorithm the software automatically determines the values of the diameters during the design of the network without any action by the user. This function happens just after the Smart Wizard is completed and in silent mode, calculating and assigning the diameters according to the nominal values of the emitters and to the geometrical, hydraulic and topographical conditions of the network and before any hydraulic calculation.

The new Smart Wizard now allows to insert valves, filters and pressure adapters for all sectors and with a single selectable option. These elements can be placed in the secondary pipeline afferent to the sector.Thanks to the continuous collaboration with our partners we continuously update the IrriPro database. In this version the complete Vyrsa catalog was introduced.

Thanks to the new Wizard called SMART, you can create multiple sectors in the same assignment operation (without declaring the number of sectors before drawing). This new feature saves a lot of time and avoids repeating the same operations for each sector. 

At the end of the Smart Wizard, the system performs the automatic drawing of all the required sectors, making a network including all the parts such as pipes, fittings and valves. In particular, the valves will be used for shift management. In addition, the system automatically finds derivations from the main pipe to the sectors according to elevation and proximity criteria.

New option for the central connection of the symmetrical distribution. Possibility to supply the sectors centrally or at one end of the submain with a simple option selectable from Wizard.Management of shifts through a dedicated window. Possibility to manage each valve by putting it in a specific shift. Also available the function that automatically creates all the shifts by opening / closing one valve at a time.
Now the hydraulic calculation can be performed for single shift or cumulatively ie for all shift sequentially so as to have an overall result. At the end of the calculation the complete thematic map is shown (showing the uniformity results of all the shifts in a single view).To better identify the different shifts is available the shift map with coloring of the sectors belonging to each shift.

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