Multilevel Ryadh Metro Station

The project concerns the irrigation system for green areas located at different altitudes in the Ryadh metro station (Qasr Al Hokm Downtown) and in particular:

The first two areas are supplied by two pumping systems placed at different depths where water treatment systems are installed. A series of hydraulic checks were carried out to assess the achievement of acceptable levels of uniformity, efficiency and quality of the irrigation service.

For the outdoor area there is a drop and rain system (with pop-up) supplied in a single shift, and equipped with pressure reducers in order to protect the system parts with lower nominal pressures. For the recommended pump, the operating point and the acceptability of the obtained efficiency have been identified. The consultancy carefully assessed the sizes and nominal characteristics of the pipes for the pressures and load losses involved. Particular attention has been paid to the wide central flowerbed irrigated with a dense network of dripping laterals in sub-irrigation.


For the internal garden at an altitude - 30 m, an irrigation system has been planned divided into two distinct shifts:
Several parts are equipped with pressure reducers based on the operating pressure and the nominal operating conditions of the devices.
Several supply scenarios were evaluated from the pump at the lower levels, to define a collateral junction with 3 ascents towards the garden level in order to obtain a functional distribution and a layout of the pipes with minimum impact for the crossing of the structure and intermediate floors.
Also in this case the operating point and the acceptability of the pump efficiency have been calculated.