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Afield test

Differences between measured and simulated values

(in collaboration with University)

Irriworks software was used (in collaboration with the Agrarian Faculty of the University of Palermo, measure 3.13 of POR Sicily PIT7) for an irrigation system at the farm called "Licata" in the City of Bompensiere (CL). The plant is costitued by 180 pressure compensated drip emitters, is located on a plot of about 0.6 ha, with slopes from 10% to 18%, and is planted with olive trees.

There are some differences between estimated values (simulated with the IrriPro software) and afield measured ones: no more than 9% for pressure and 6% for the discharge. The error is mainly due to constructive aspect of the emitter during factory production.

Estimated-measured pressure chart

For the same reason, the uniformity coefficient was equal to 94%, as assessed by IrriPro, compared to 91% measured in the field.
In short, the software IrriPro simulated very well the conditions of operation of the network.