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Irrigation softwares

Irrigation system design: IrriPro.

The software for the design of irrigation systems IrriPro thanks to its "heart of calculation" that makes use of the fundamental equations of hydraulics, is able to analyze the irrigation networks with a new and rigorous method. The formulation of the classical equations of hydraulics used in the algorithm excludes forms of empiricism and simplifying assumptions that depart from the expected final result. The software, in fact uses a calculation algorithm that solves the equations that govern the motion of the currents in pressure (equations of continuity and equation of motion) starting from the boundary hydraulic and geometric conditions, from the plano and altimetric distribution of the irrigation network, as well as hydraulic and geometric characteristics of the pipes and installed emitters.

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IrriPro also allows, even in the case of plants for microirrigation, to evaluate the head losses of the continuous type along the pipe, and of the localized type caused by emitters installed along the laterals. Such losses are usually neglected by the designers during the dimensioning phase of the hydraulic installations, even if it is now universally recognized by the scientific community that these may represent a high percentage (between 30% and 50%) of the total head losses and therefore must be taken into account in a correct and rigorous hydraulic calculation, as recognized by the international scientific and technical community. Finally, it is also considered the kinetic load. IrriPro is a design software for irrigation systems capable of calculate all the hydraulic parameters (flow, velocity, pressure, head loss continuous and localized, uniformity of distribution) at any point of the irrigation network, representing the trend of each physical parameter, and design all types of irrigation (sprinkler irrigation networks or microirrigation) of any complexity and size in an easy, powerful and innovative way. The software has a wizard for data entry, simple and intuitive that accompanies effectively the technician through the functionality of the program, from the survey up to the calculation, to the presentation of the results so as to cover all stages of design. The user-friendly environment, which makes it affordable for everyone, allows quick use, with reduced training time, and achievement of accurate results through fast and simple procedures. Through the use of IrriPro the professional has therefore the possibility of:
  • realizing an irrigation network on any terrain;
  • ensuring the efficiency of the plants;
  • making save water and fertilizers;
  • improving the quality and quantity of production and therefore profitability of the farm;
  • making save approximately 5-10% on the cost of installation of the system.

The designer is supported in the search for changes to be made to improve the design, as it features tools for analysis and diagnostics needed to assess the consequences of each design choice.