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Irrigation softwares


Irrigation system design: use of spreadsheets.


When using spreadsheets, the design of irrigation systems is performed or through simplified methods (and therefore approximate) or through stringent ones that are, in this case, very expensive in terms of human resources, time and applicable only on small to very small scale of irrigation systems. In fact, if one wanted to take account of all the mutual interactions between the various parts of the irrigation system would be necessary to construct the calculation tables too complex to implement and not manageable. These procedures also have never been automated, so the spreadsheet must be set each time you design a new irrigation system. For example, if you wanted to design a small irrigation system, designed to serve an area of one hectare extension where you plan to insert 10,000 emitters, the rigorous calculation with spreadsheet requires the writing of 30,000 equations, which would make this a difficult task even for the most scrupulous designers.